Unique Spaces


It is truly satisfying when your home is fun to be in and fully optimized to your lifestyle. We will help you reimagine an existing space, or create a new space, to get you those unique features that can make life at home feel so good.

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Home offices

Having a fully-optimized, beautiful office space in your home can bring so much value and convenience to your life. Maybe you need a place to take care of the business of running a household and family, or maybe you need a place to build your empire. Why not indulge in the perfect environment that tells your story, inspires you and functions at the highest level?

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Home theaters

Room design, optimal audio/visual placement and performance, furnishings and ambience all come together to create the ultimate, fully immersive movie experience. There are multiple aesthetic and technical variables to consider. Collaborate with us to create a new space or to reimagine an existing one.

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Home gym

A home gym is all about creating a space where you can integrate your workout routine and lifestyle. Exercise whenever you want, the way you want, in an environment customized for you. We believe the inspiration that comes from a creatively designed and well-built space is powerful. The right temperature and humidity, a sound system that motivates you and optimal lighting are symbiotic elements for the ultimate home workout experience.

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Man cave/Lady Lounge

Everybody wants a room to call their own. Maybe it’s a newly created space, or a reimagined attic, basement or garage, or a repurposed area of the home. The sky is the limit here. Whether you want a place to watch the game, host poker night, display your collection or set up the ultimate music room or bar, it’s all about fun and relaxation. This is the place for creativity and whimsy. We can create the ultimate cave experience for you.